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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Comedy or Tragedy?

So, I'm trying to decide which plot I've landed in --- comedy or tragedy?  Here's the plot outline so far --

Heroine's beloved husband dies.
Not even a month later, the beloved cat dies.
Meanwhile, the old beloved dog is at death's door...
Heroine gets a rescued yellow dog to cheer her up.
Then promptly, heroine trips over said yellow dog and breaks her arm in two places.

I'm not making this up.

I once had a writing instructor explain the "fine line" between comedy and tragedy like this:

A man slips on a banana peel = comedy.
YOU slip on a banana peel = tragedy.

So which is it?

I tell you, it's hard to type one-handed. So I stop here.

PS: Boomer is still hanging in here....
      Kona at the vet getting spayed...
      Ripley throwing a pizza party as Kona is gone tonight!

And me? Trying desperately to maintain my sense of humor.....


Helen McMullin said...

And while it isn't really your comedy or tragedy, you are now my "homie" on my computer. When I press the little house icon to take me to my Google home page, I am rewarded with a picture of your new dog. Not being a techie, I certainly don't know how Kona got there, but there he is. Sorry about your arm. Hope you heal quickly.

SSTattler said...

You’ve got two breaks for your arm; I have:
* Me: Broken my ankle playing squash (look at the UK for more details),
* Son: Broken his wrist skiing (weird but it happened occasionally),
* Daughter: Broken her wrist during the summer and she was skating.
I think the score 3 / 2 :-)

Cheers / John A.

J.L. Murphey said...

It's a tragedy to you and a comedy of events to us so it's both.
Typing one-handed is never fun, but it is doable. Look at me.
A lot of times truth has more oomph than fiction.

Barb Polan said...

As far as keeping your sense of humor, I'm betting on that. P.S., I am also a writer with just one useable hand.

oc1dean said...

Hang in there Diane. We have to look for humor in what happens to us or we'd go crazy.

Mike Furr said...

No shit?! We want proof!:) Come on, we want a selfie with the out of commission arm and the tripping hazard! We've seen all kinds of photos of Bob in disrepair, Boomer with his luggage handle attached, and sick kitties. Time for Diane to move center stage and show us your oopsie!