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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fostering Kona

This was Hillary's idea.  Hillary is our veterinarian.  You know, it's pretty bad when you are on first name basis with your vet.  Anyway, Hillary got a call from the Labrador/Retriever Rescue of Florida.  There were four purebred labs being turned in to them, and they needed a vet visit for shots, etc. Then, they would all need foster homes. And Hillary asked if I'd consider fostering a purebred lab? She thought a younger dog might be just "the thing" to "perk Boomer up" and it would also be good for my heartbroken soul...

So I picked up Kona, a 4 year old female yellow lab, on Thursday.  I hate to say, those dogs were living under terrible conditions...

"Kona" means "lady" in Hawiian.

She's overweight, has an ear infection and a wound on her leg. She is on antibiotics and ear drops. I have to take her in to be spayed next week (the rescue pays for it). But she's a sweetheart. And she "picked" me -- I was actually supposed to pick up one of the other dogs. But she sat at my feet and looked at me with those sad brown eyes and I asked if I could take her instead.

Ripley on attack mode!

And she's scared to death of Ripley!  And Ripley hates her ---

Though Boomer thinks she's a fine girlfriend.

I'm told I can either foster her until someone adopts her, or -- I can become a "foster failure" and adopt her, myself.  So, we'll see what happens.  A lot depends on Ripley.

This photo, with former owner, taken by Hillary before Kona's exam. Look at Kona's nails.


DebbieL said...

What a sweetheart! She is beautiful. Ripely will get used to her. After all, she chose you, Diane! Sending you big hugs!

John Lightner said...

Happy to see Kona finding a good home, Ripley will adjust

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! I'm glad Kona chose you, she is a beauty. I'm sure Ripley will get used to her and I'm hoping it will help Boomer gain a spring in his step. Best Wishes!


Anonymous said...

Great looking dog ! Enjoy the positive healing and good doggie love :-)

Lauda said...

oh - did you know that dog spelled backwards says god....hmmmm such special creatures.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Kona sensed your need and adopted you as you will eventually her. Such a beautiful lab. Ripley and her will be playing with each other soon.

Hugs & prayers,