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Thursday, July 9, 2015

She's Mine!

So! Today, I officially adopted Kona. Oh my.  I consider her my "back-up auxiliary dog" for when, you know, Boomer goes.... lol

Boomer is, for some darn reason, hanging in there -- amazing! But I know, at nearly 14 years old, his time will come. He still hobbles about, real trouble with those back legs (slipping and sliding and falling down) and it's a daily fight to get him to eat -- he's gotten so thin! and it's heartbreaking -- but he's not whimpering or whining in pain and he still seems interested in life, i.e. getting up (even if it's struggle), wanting to go for a walk, following me around...  But, like I said, I know, his time is near...

And, in that event, really, it would be too darn sad, if, our little former family of five (Bob, me, Zenith, Boomer and Ripley) ended up being just Ripley and me, the two of us...   Not that I don't love Ripley, but jeepers... just the two of us? Ripley and me, alone. In just a few short months. Oh my.

I must admit, that I have fallen in love with Kona. This poor dog has lost her family and gee, I can relate to that..... and she's just so sweet.

Here she is, on the night of her adoption, with a rawhide chew ---

I tell you, three days ago, I gave her that rawhide chew and she didn't know what it was -- She  just dropped it and didn't know what to do.

Now, she's figured it out.

She's settling in. Boomer likes her, a lot.

And Ripley --- if not totally bonding, is at least tolerating her now. I mean, they are seen in the same room together with no sparks flying! So I think this will work out.

And weirdly -- is this weird? But I sometimes actually think that Bob engineered this -- from the other side -- and sent this blonde dog to me (Bob, a blonde himself, always admired the blonde colored dogs and knows I love dogs)  --- hmmmm  OK, perhaps I'm being weird.  But jeepers, the timing of this all....


Joyce said...

I don't think you are being weird at all. Makes perfect sense to me that Bob would continue to care About you send Kona to you. By the way, I like her name and think she is a pretty dog.

Anonymous said...

Kona looks like such a sweet and loving dog. Enjoy the friendship and do spoil her a bit.

Hugs & prayers,


Lisa said...

I'm so happy for you. I totally think Bob sent her to you. She is such a beautiful dog.