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Friday, July 17, 2015


My friend, Lori, arrived late Wednesday and yesterday we went out to lunch and pretty much spent the day catching up.

Today, she went with me to pick up Boomer's "cremains". I put Boomer's box of ashes, along with his collars, next to Bob and Zenith. My little memorial table grows cluttered.

And then Lori removed Boomer's dog bed, anti-slip rugs, etc. from the living room because I could not bear to do it.

It is so good to have someone here with me, to help me through this all.  I feel bad that I seem to spend most of the time crying, so I'm sure it's not much of a "vacation" for her. We stopped for lunch today and while seated at the cafe, "our song" (I'll Stop The World and Melt With You) came on the radio and I had to run out the door --- as I was in sudden tears and did not want to make a spectacle of myself in the crowded restaurant.

This morning, Bob's cousin Mark flew into Tampa on his way to Sarasota and called me as he was quite literally "passing through" our town and then stopped by, to give me a hug and see how I was doing. This is Bob's favorite aunt and uncle, Aunt Mary and Uncle Dick's son.  Which is the only part of Bob's family that has kept in contact with me since Bob's death.  I have been pretty much dissed by all the others.

Meanwhile, Kona is a gem:


J.L. Murphey said...

Hugs Diane. It's good to have friends.

Anonymous said...

Diane, So sorry about Boomer. I am dealing with my own elderly dogs, both 14. I think Kona is beautiful ! Glad his furry body and sloppy kisses are there for you.
Bob must be glad to have his favorite pets with him in heaven.

Hugs, Patricia

KanDav said...

I know afterlife and beliefs are a highly personal deal, but the 1st thing I thought was when your and Bob's song came on is that it was for you, from Bob...

I hope you and your friend have a nice time catching up. And I'm just so sorry about all of this cruddy stuff happening to you.


Joyce said...

Animals never cease to amaze me. How intuitive of Boomer to wait until you and Kona had found each other and settled in and then wait until you had someone with you to help you before he passed on. By the way Kona is beautiful and she looks so happy. Have a good visit with your friend.

DebbieL said...

Diane, so glad to hear that your is there to help you. I am sure she is enjoying helping you right now. That is what friends do! And I think hearing. The song was Bob's way to tell you he, Boomer and Zenith are together and that they are always with you and always love you. Kona is adorable! Big hugs!

Deb Morse said...

Oh Diane, I am so sorry. Is it Lori B who is visiting you? Sending love to you and Kona. Will you please send me your new address?