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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

And I've been up to ...

So, I've been trying to take Bob's advice (through the medium) to get out and about more, meet people and make friends, and last week managed to stay pretty busy.

On Monday, I actually picked up the phone and called a neighbor lady who had dropped by to offer condolences and gave me her phone number, saying, we should get together some time.  I don't know why this is so hard for me to do (i.e. pick up the phone) but I did it and made a date to go out for dinner later in the week.

On Wednesday, I went out to lunch with Tiffany (our realtor who has since become a friend).  Afterwards, when she dropped me off at home, she said "let's do this again!" And I said, "What are you doing on the 16th?" (Which is our 21st wedding anniversary, tomorrow.) So, we have a date for lunch tomorrow. As I know, I do not need to spend this day alone.

On Thursday, I went to Grief Counseling Group, which was a very hard one as we all had to tell our "death stories". And jeepers, I cried and cried while telling mine... But afterwards, Jennifer (the neighbor lady) and I went down to the beach for supper and drinks and to watch the sunset at a funky little beach bar and grill.

On Friday, I got my hair trimmed at the Day Spa -- which is so nice and relaxing with the soft music, low lights and a free glass of wine!

Today, I met with a dog trainer and signed up for lessons for Kona and I. I hate to say, I still cannot control her on leash -- Kona is still jerking hard on leash-- which is her biggest problem. I don't think she was ever walked on leash before --- There's also a few other issues that need to be addressed, such as jumping up.  I've had 3 other dogs, all of which I trained myself -- but I never started with one as old as 4 years before -- so I am needing some help with her. I do admit it. Anyway -- my thought here is (if she does well with the basic obedience training) I am seriously considering taking her the next step and have her trained and certified as a "Therapy Dog". I think it might be something fun for us to do together -- visit hospitals/nursing homes.  I talked with the trainer about this possibility and he did think that Kona has the right temperament for that type of work. (She's really very mellow.)  He also said she doesn't need "much" training as opposed to a lot of the other dogs he's worked with and he can do the therapy dog training too.

Tomorrow, on our wedding anniversary, I have lunch set with Tiffany and a date for drinks later that night with Jennifer and also a couple of other neighbors. The grief counselor told me to "honor" the day, not necessarily "celebrate" it -- which is what I plan to do.

Then Thursday, back to Grief Group Counseling.

I am feeling a bit calmer these days... though still subject to "grief bursts" (as the counselor calls them).

Training starts for Kona next week, Wednesday, 9:00 a.m.  I've already ordered our supplies: 6 foot leash (mine's 4 ft.), a "martingale collar" (in pink! ha! she looks good in pink) and a 30 foot training leash for "recall" exercises.  Training will be one on one, and at our house, and also outside training on the street and at the park and even Home Depot training. This, I think, will be fun! I am excited about it. A lot will depend on Kona, of course. Wish us luck!


Mike Furr said...

I applaud you! I hear excitement in your words again. It's a good direction!

Anonymous said...

So great to hear you are getting out and about!! Keep up the good work.


Barb Polan said...

Good luck! It all sounds like a lot of fun. Kudos to you for putting yourself out there.

Jenn said...

My dear friend. 💗💗💗 I'm grateful to you allowing yourself to heal. Cheers to you and Bob - for finding each other and the rich love you've experienced.

Jenn said...

The emoticons are hearts.

Anonymous said...

Diane, It was so good to read you are beginning to get out and socialize some. I do hope you continue to attend the grieve counseling group for a while longer.

Kona as a Therapy Dog sounds like a great idea, and with you as her handler working with those in need of a good ear and some attention, it's a perfect match.

Continued hugs & prayers,


PJK :o) said...

Thinking of you today ♥

Lauda said...

Diane, your store continues to be inspirational. It is so good to hear how you are going through the process and at one time I was so scared that you just didn't want to keep on going and now I as feeling so much better watching you grow through this. I can see myself in your position - so I feel encouraged to know that we can all get through these most difficult and sad events and as they say time heals. I think there is truth in that comment. Ofncourse....I realize it is not a done deal....but I also love the term "baby steps"....continued baby steps in to the future and I am glad you are taking Bob's advice. He must be smiling watching you taking your baby steps.

DebbieL said...

So glad to hear you are taking Bob's advice. He continues to be with you and to shine his love on you. Wishing you and Kona good luck! Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

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