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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Stroke Anniversary

Five years ago, tonight, Bob was in ICU for post-op recovery when he had a massive stroke. And the nurse, that night, was a new nurse, on employee probation and was supposed to be monitored by a supervisor, and she wasn't. And through the course of the night, she documented Bob's deterioration (arm paralyzed, then leg paralyzed, then confused/unable to talk/"glascow coma stage", etc.) without contacting a doctor. And when Bob tried to get her attention, to tell her something was very wrong, she told him to "settle down!" and pumped him full of morphine, so that he would pass out and thereby -- settle down and shut up.

That RN is still practicing today. Taking care of patients. Maybe taking care of someone you know and love.

The next morning, when the shift changed, another nurse came in and, still, that morning nurse did not contact a doctor.  She's the one who said to me, "Isn't he always like this?" (meaning paralyzed, unable to talk)

That RN is also still practicing today. Maybe taking care of someone you know and love.

And that night and morning after, those two nurses, truth be told, murdered Bob.  Even if it took over four years to kill him off. They finally succeeded.

And I think something is very wrong with a system that allows those nurses to continue working in the health care community and never have to pay any price for what they did to him. And to me.

If you ask me, they both should be in prison. For negligent homicide.

Just my thoughts...

And yes, this is a very hard anniversary for me.  No wonder I'm cracking up.


Lauda said...

I feel the same towards the doctor who was prescribing Brad Adderall when he had a heart condition and that should have been a contraindication for him to take Adderall. Shame on those nurses - I absolutely abhor people who are dismissive towards Brad - care takers in particular. Some are such idiots. But but could she not have called a doctor?????? I am so so so sorry.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe there's only one comment here.
You are absolutely correct those nurses had everything to do with Bob's stroke.
I can't believe they are still working today.
Anniversaries "suck"......the sad truth.
My Dad wrote in his will to "Raise a glass to him" on the anniversary of his passing. He was from Ireland..and we all know us Irish love to raise our glasses, myself included.
Anyway I say raise a glass to Bob on the anniversary, show him your
love :-)
He'll probably raise one to you from heaven !
Pat Nixon :-)

Anonymous said...

Diane, I am thinking of you today and the pain that you are experiencing. Bob's circumstances of his stroke and the things that made it happen. Please know that I cry for you and hope that one day the grief will not bowl you over so severely. One day I hope that you can sit and remember Bob with fond and loving memories. One day you will raise a glass - as Pat Nixon, so eloquently put it. I, too, will raise a glass to your soul mate.

Trudy from Texas