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Friday, February 12, 2016

Goodbye, Bobmobile

Yesterday, I sold The Bobmobile.  I sold it back to the dealer whom we had bought it from, the same one who gave me the $30,000 offer on the phone. And they were true to that promise.


I also donated Bob's power chair.  I'd been wanting to do this, but not sure how to get it to the right type of person who needed that type of specialized wheelchair.  Turns out the company I sold the van to, also sells/repairs power chairs and has many contacts with local charities and often donates chairs to folks in need who cannot otherwise afford them.  The salesman told me that they would be happy to refurbish Bob's wheelchair and find it new home with the right person who otherwise couldn't afford it.  So, one of the employees drove me home (in the Bobmobile) and picked up Bob's wheelchair.

It was bittersweet.

Sweet, because the 30G will pay off my Honda Fit, and then some.  And I've checked the power chair off my list of things to do...

Bitter, because every time I get rid of something that was Bob's, I feel like I'm erasing him....

In other news, today I'm expecting Sally, a long time friend from up north, who will be staying here for about a week, and I am looking forward to it, and especially looking forward to having company on Valentine's Day, which will be hard for me, because that day also marks our one year anniversary of moving into the new house.

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Anonymous said...

Not getting rid of Bob. Sharing him. You have the sound of his voice, his laugh, his smile all tucked away safe. You have his art. Material things are just things. Bob is not gone as long as you have him in your heart. We got to know him through you. Bob shared with us.

Mary Ann