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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Phantom Shopper

Here's another post that will have folks questioning my mental health, but...

This morning, as usual, I went to take my morning shower and, as usual, because the water takes awhile to heat up, I picked up the iPad to check some of my regular sites and what should pop up the moment I slide the "lock" open, but a page from Pottery Barn.

And I'm thinking, what's this? I never, ever shop at Pottery Barn. But the page was open to a sale item which was a bed "duvet" and matching shams in "Victorian Paisley Gray".

And I'm thinking, this is weird, but, this would be perfect for our bed.  A few months ago, I was actually looking for a new bedspread because the one I have is white and the dog I have is often dirty and it has become really hard to keep the bedspread clean and a million washings have really taken its toll on it. But I gave up looking around because I couldn't find anything suitable and really, I haven't much thought of that bedspread for quite awhile and suddenly, there's this page on the iPad.

Well, after showering and thinking about it, and thinking that Bob would actually have liked that pattern (not too girly but pretty enough to go with our antiques) I ordered it.

It is perfect and on clearance + 20% off. (Bob would have liked that too.) And it really cheered me up and I must admit I needed some cheering up as I have been really, really down these past few weeks.

But --- how did it get on Bob's iPad?

Was I sleep-shopping? In the middle of the night?

Was it some weird internet program that pulled it up because of my past shopping experience?  And I thought about that, but then, it wasn't an advertisement as sometimes comes up based on your history as these are usually in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page or on a "pop up" ad -- this was an actual page on the Pottery Barn website --- at site which I have never visited in my life, so....

Did I have a little help from someone who loves me on the other side?

Call me crazy, but ---


Barb Polan said...

Of course it was Bob. Isn't using electronics his preferred method of communication?

Lauda said...

so cool - i love it!! My mom passed away 1 month and a half ago and although she has four kids - i think some times i get my turn with her ethereal visits. It feels real good - but i sure do miss her.

metalgirl162002 said...

Another mystery shopper will strike today and tomorrow.