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Monday, May 16, 2016

Making The House Our Home

I've been trying to follow Bob's advice (from the other side) to "make our house a home" and so have been working on some much needed landscaping.

I took the old claw foot bathtub that we removed to make the bathroom wheelchair accessible for Bob and painted it pink to match the house.  I was looking for something to plant in it, and was thinking of some type of clumping bamboo and when the person at the nursery suggested "Buddha Belly Bamboo" and I nearly fell over.

Years ago, when Bob complained he was getting a little "pot belly" I told him not to worry --- he was cute and I called it his "little Buddha Belly". My mom, as a joke, bought him a little Buddha statue and he began collecting Buddhas......

So this is Bob's memorial corner:

I think he'd love it!


Barb Polan said...

I love the "Bob memorial corner." Nice job!

Anonymous said...

It is perfect!

Mary Ann

DebbieL said...

It is fantastic! Love it!

tgorety said...

aw, that is so awesome !!! Everyone is right Bob is probably sitting up there smilin' and telling you "Way to Go Girl"

Trudy from Texas