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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chris is gone...

My dear friend, Chris, passed away this morning.

I guess it's better than "pulling the plug" -- she did it on her own. And now I don't have to make that decision of whether to be there or not...

I did visit her on Sunday, she was unresponsive, but I sat and talked to her, told her I loved her, thanked her for her friendship, cried, and said goodbye, again.

I am heartbroken. Still can't believe this happening  --- though logically I knew it was coming.

I had oral surgery today and it was just awful. A real nightmare.  And have to go back for "part 2" of the surgery on Thursday, not looking forward to that. This time they are going to give a sedation.  I got home from that ordeal to get the phone call about Chris. I cried so hard, but my nose was so numb from the oral surgery, I couldn't blow my nose.

I'm a mess --- and wondering why everyone seems to be dying around me? And don't know how much more of this I can take.... Feels like I'm cursed.


Anonymous said...

Diane, I am so sorry to hear of Chris passing. She was a wonderful friend to you and Bob.
I hope your dental work went well. I have spent more time getting work done on a tooth than I ever thought possible.


Mary Ann

Joyce said...

So sorry to hear about Chris's passing. It does seem like you have had more than your share of having to deal with death. I do hope you have someone in your circle of friends or family you can reach out to for support. I bet that Kona is a comfort, but a human voice to express caring is better, I know. Thinking of you with caring. Joyce

Denise said...

I can understand why it feels like you're cursed, but you're not, you are just living your life, and this is one of the sucky parts. I hope it gets better quickly, and you meet new wonderful friends and have happiness. You will always miss Bob and now Chris, and carry them with you, but new adventures will come your way. Peace.