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Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Survived the storm, with just a few branches etc to pick up -- but scary going through it alone.  A lot folks lost power, but we didn't.

Today, I received calls from both the daughter and son of Chris.  The decision has been made to take her off life support --- pull the plug, so to speak.

Even though I know this is the best thing for Chris, even though I was hoping they would do this -- I find myself heartbroken and crying buckets of tears.

The event will happen next week (paperwork, scheduling) and I am invited to be there at her side with her family --- and not sure if I can do it/should do it or if I would be able to handle it...... still making up my mind. Part of me wants to be there for her --- part of me is scared shitless

Meanwhile, the AC started leaking again through the dining room ceiling --- so AC guy is coming tomorrow and hopefully fix this problem which has happened several times before.

And life goes on....


Rebecca Dutton said...

Having been battered by hurricane Sandy I am glad you are OK. I would not go to Chris's bedside with her children when the staff pulls the plug. I don't think I have the inner strength to survive two traumatic ends.

Jenn said...

Follow your heart. If you are with Chris, honor what you feel - scared, sad, the gamut. It's hard, really freaking hard. But maybe you may find the peace in letting go.
God bless you <3
Glad the storm wasn't as awful as it could've been. Glad you're safe.