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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bob's Pool

One of the things that Bob had wanted, and I wanted for him, was a therapy pool.  It was one of the things on my list when looking for a new house -- either a house with a pool or room to put one in.  It was also something I had spoken about to our attorney during our mediation i.e: enough money for a house with a pool.

I had always heard such good things about aqua therapy for stroke survivors, but, unfortunately, the one place in town that offered aqua therapy would not accept Bob into the program because he was incontinent.

And that's why I wanted Bob to have his very own pool (to pee in! ha) along with a wheelchair lift device, and I'd priced all these things out including a private therapist willing to work with him. And that was the plan which was approved by his trust fund.

Of course, everyone knows what happened to that plan.

I have spent a long time debating what to do with pool plan and the money set aside by the trust for this project.  After talking with our realtor (who assured me it was an investment and would increase value of the house) and other folks, I finally decided, I would go ahead with our plan even though Bob will only be able to enjoy it in spirit.

And perhaps it would do me some good, to continue with our plan for our house, and once finished, it would provide "therapy" for me.

They started excavating earlier this year in what was basically a dirt and weedy backyard:

The pool is a small pool, and it's "eco-friendly", i.e. salt water and solar heated.  Bob would be pleased.  In fact, these "in process" photos make me feel he approves:


Since I didn't need to put in a wheelchair lift or a heat pump, I was able to splurge a little on adding water features and "dog friendly" sun shelf.

I am so glad I went through with this project, it has brought real joy into my life for the first time since Bob passed away.  I swim every day and do aqua aerobics.  It's a great stress reliever and Kona loves it, too.

Just finished the final touch -- landscaping!


Mike Furr said...

I could use that pool right now. 90 degrees outside with 70 percent humidity and it's hotter in the plant!
Enjoy it.

Jenn said...

What a gorgeous sanctuary!
I don't recall the railing being pink when I visited in March?
It all looks really inviting, relaxing, and just terrific.

DebbieL said...

How wonderful for you! And I am sure Bob is smiling every time you enjoy it. My hope is someday I can get my husband in the pool. We still have a way to go, but maybe someday. Enjoy!

John Lightner said...

Pool design is a great addition to your resume.
Fantastic job

Diane said...

Jenn, the pink railing is the wheelchair ramp to the house it was there in March! lol

tgorety said...