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Friday, September 2, 2016

Big Storm

So after several days of rain, finally Hurricane Hermine made landfall to the north of us. We were not in the direct path, but on the "sweet side" (as I heard someone call it) which basically means we got a lot of rain. And I mean A LOT.

Eighteen inches along our coast.  Ten inches or so here in our neighborhood.  Lots of flooding, lots of trees down. We had wind gusts of 65 mph. Water restrictions from the city: i.e. don't do laundry, dishwashers, showers (yes, showers!) as our sewage system was overloaded from all the rain water.  I had to drain the pool four times as it was overflowing. I sandbagged the garage apartment door. The main house is on piers so it's a couple feet off the ground, but the guest house is on a concrete slab, maybe an inch or two off the ground.

Then our neighborhood lost power last night for four hours. Scary. In the dark. Rain and wind.  Thunder rumbling in the distance like some monstrous beast approaching.

And lonely.

I used to love storms when Bob was alive. I used to feel so safe, knowing we were all under the same roof, together (Bob, me, Boomer, Zenith and Ripley).  Now it's just sort of spooky with no one to talk to, no one's hand to hold.

I spent a lot of time crying these past few days.

Still raining today, off and on, with the feeder bands --- local TV station is still on "fear-plex" mode, you know, all day all storm coverage.

But the house is OK, just a few small limbs down in the yard. Kona, Ripley and I are safe and sound. So that I am thankful for....

I just wish I could quit crying so much.


Mike Furr said...

Glad it wasn't a destructive strorm for you and your crew.
Crying so much stinks but your feeling things, good or bad, it's better than being numb.
Be well...

Rebecca Dutton said...

I know how you feel. The 2 hurricanes that hit New Jersey were frightening. My family lives in Illinois so thank God I have local friends.

John Lightner said...

Hell Diane,
There are days that I cry too, multiple times.
So you don't have a corner on it
Be strong

Jenn said...

I can imagine how frightening it can be - the howling winds and pummeling rainfall - the complete and utter darkness. How did the furry ones handle it? Was this the first serious storm with Kona?
After the storm passed, did your crying subside a wee bit?
Do you have to "shock" your pool after all that rain?
So glad you were on the *sweet side* of the storm. Yikers.