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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bracing for Wind

Hurricane Matthew will be pummeling the east coast of Florida beginning tonight, fortunately we are on the other side of the state and expecting only a "wind event" with tropical storm force winds.

It's scary to think what the folks on the other side of the state are dealing with....  Last time we had a hurricane come through our area, Bob and I boarded up the house. Don't what I'd do without Bob's help and this new house has no boards/etc.

Prayers to fellow Floridians on the east coast.

Me, I'll be tucking away anything "flyable" in the yard and porches! Hoping power stays on and trees stay standing!

And certainly missing Bob, feeling so alone, more than ever at times like this.....


Denise said...

Hey, Diane, I'm just north of Orlando and we've been getting rain bands and some wind all afternoon. Just wanted to encourage you while we still have power, but you're not alone and you'll be ok, if a bit scared. I'm a bit scared, too, to be honest, but we've done all we can to be prepared, and I think we'll be ok. Best of luck to all of us.

Rebecca Dutton said...

Thinking of you.