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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wedding Bands

I took Bob's and my wedding band to a local jeweler and had them cleaned, re-antiqued and fitted together as one band. Picked them up today.

The picture does not do it justice!  Had trouble photographing it because it sparkles so much now that it is cleaned up!

I am very happy with the results and plan to wear them on my wedding ring finger, regardless of what people say --- because I am still married to him......


Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning. Wear them proudly.

DebbieL said...


Rebecca Dutton said...


Kan/Dav said...

They're lovely together. And you should wear them on whichever finger you want to. My dad passed away in 2002, and my mom alternates wearing her wedding ring set with wearing my dad's wedding band (she had sized down to fit her) on her left ring finger. It wasn't possible to permanently weld them together. She feels the same way you do. And I told her the same's her decision. I myself love the idea.