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Sunday, December 4, 2016

My December Garden

With the weather finally cooling down, my garden has been putting on a really good show. I love this weather. And so do the plants.

And the flamingos love the weather too!


Mary Ann K. said...

I love your home. You and Bob had a gift for putting things together.

Rebecca Dutton said...

Beautiful. Now I can't believe I used to tease my mother about spending so much time on her flowers when I was young.

J.L. Murphey said...


Denise said...

I love your Crown of Thorns! I used to have one for a long time, but I think it had been planted at the house we had to move out of when I had the stroke (I couldn't get into either of the bathrooms, or much of anywhere, really). I'll have to look for one, they're so unique-looking. It froze back a little several times, but always survived.