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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Little Pink Guest House

 Finally finished the guest house renovation! (This was Chris's old apartment.... so was a sad project in a way.)

Me? Still grieving....
The Flamingo is actually a vintage night light ----

Directions to the pool!

The Innkeeper, call for reservations!


Denise said...

It looks great! The innkeeper is kind of intimidating, though. Actually, though, now that I think about it, that's what you want!

Diane said...

LOL Denise, thanks for making me laugh today --- I will mention to this The Innkeeper --- so that she might not be so NOSEY when I'm taking pictures --- still laughing, thanks

MelBrandle said...

The guest house looks like it's just the perfect size for people who want to come over! It's much better than a storage shed in the backyard in any case! Hopefully you'll get some nice passive income from renting the little house out to someone and make a friend on the way, hey?

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane, That looks very inviting. I Sometimes goes for a couple of months,not reading your Blog. Then go back & get caught up. Sure wish you would make plans to come visit your Mom & Dad. Know they really miss you. Love you Lady. Neta