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Sunday, March 26, 2017


On Saturday morning, I went to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee and was shocked to look out my back door (which is glass) and see Mama duck with all her babies circling her, standing at my back door looking at me through the window! So cute, they waddled all the way up the wheelchair ramp to get to my back door --- wish I'd taken a photo --- but just thought, jeepers, you guys must hungry so I went out and fed them.

That day, I was helping my friend Hillary move and when I came back later that afternoon, the ducks were still there. But 45 minutes later, when I went out to feed them, they were all gone -- simply vanished!

I, of course, checked all over the yard. Walked down the alley -- nothing. Finally got in my car, drove to the nearby lake, worried --- but didn't see any dead ducks on the busy streets --- didn't find her at all.

Waited today, all day, and they haven't come back.....

Mixed emotions here:  worried about their safety, sad to see them gone, relieved that I don't have to transport them myself.

And then I think that Louise (mama duck) was at my back door that morning, proud mama surrounded by her babies, to say "goodbye" or perhaps "thanks for your hospitality" knowing she would be leaving that day....

(The above video was the last "picture" I took of them....)


Stephany Harvey said...

Full circle, Diane. I couldn't sleep, so I was able to catch this post while it was fresh. Thanks for the beautiful description.

Vindi Vin said...

Agreed... full circle. Animals and life are both quirky! But we just carry on, learning and growing... isn't that was babies do?!! I guess in some respects, we are all baby like in life, every day learning something we didn't know the day before. Lord, love us anyhow, cuz without that, we would be really messed up! :-) Vin