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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What the heck?

I've had trouble getting access to my own blog == finally got on here -- after 9-10 attempts --- what the heck is going on? Kept asking for passwords and then saying they were invalid --- huh? I haven't changed a thing --- Also had trouble posting on Facebook.  Also had sound issues -- couldn't hear some Youtube posts. Even Amazon was denying my account and had to diddle around to get that up at and going ---- what is going on?  Anyhoo since I finally got on here so this is a "test" post to see if it will work! -- We are ready for bedtime -- my BYD (Big Yellow Dog) and huge teddy bear with Bob's Superman T-shirt are already in bed -- Ripley will join us when lights are out  -- heck, hardly room for me!  But -- what is going on with access to internet? Is it my computer? or the whole system?
Kona and Super Bear ready for bedtime!


Jenn said...

When was the last time you changed your passwords, cleared out your cookies, did a full virus scan? Time to do all of them. Even if you just did, do it again. Especially changing your passwords.

Time for bed for me,too. Work in full swing again. Where does time get off to? Wasn't I just visiting ?
Love to your little gang of cutie pies...the bear, too : )

Diane said...

I do clear "cookies" and reset Safari and changed some passwords --- but shoot! what is a full virus scan? and always heard that Mac was pretty immune to virus as it's not a Microsoft PC..... crap Bob was the computer Mac guy and I am just an amateur.... however things seem to be working now

Rebecca Dutton said...

I just read an article about why Macs are also targets for viruses at In the interest of security I did not include the link.

Linda said...

Glad you are back on line. What a cute picture.

Grace Carpenter said...

Hi Diane, I still think of you, and Bob, and the love you had for other.

About the computer stuff--is your keyboard the issue? If one key gets sticky, it can make it seem like your computer is haunted ;)

Vindi Vin said...

Probably just needed a reboot. If you have a router, sometimes shutting the computer down, rather than simply restarting it, and THEN literally unplugging the router from the wall for about 1 full minute until plugging it back in and restarting your computer corrects a world of problems. Sometimes it just gets in a bit of a quandry and needs a helping hand. Anyhow, next time you can try it. :-)

Diane said...

It is back and working -- some weird glitch --
thanks for all your suggestions