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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thank Goodness for Good People

I spoke with my dad and mom last night (they call every day, and I truly appreciate their support) and my dad offered to send us the money to pay for a wheelchair transport to get Bob to and from Rehab. This is a life-saver (and back-saver for me, no more lifting that wheelchair, etc.), thanks Dad!!! The wheelchair transport is a sort of taxi for wheelchairs, i.e. a van with a wheelchair lift and it costs $3.50/each way, so $7.00/round trip times three times a week = $21.00 per week for us. Too much for us to pay, with everything else Bob needs (i.e. diapers, feed tube supplies, medical equipment rentals, prescriptions, doctors and therapy co-pays, etc.) So, to Mom and Dad, a big THANK YOU!!!!!

Another big Thank You to Cheri for sending the Dell laptop. As soon as I have time to figure it out, I'll transfer my files and it certainly is a blessing (not to mention peace of mind) to have a back-up for when this old Mac gives up the ghost! And I hope I can find some "brain games" to download for Bob and maybe he'll be able to use it for some therapy. So, THANK YOU, Cheri!!

It's good to have good people in your life.

Bad news about the hyperbaric therapy. We went yesterday to see the doctor in charge of HBOT and she said that Dr. Doom did not have "authority" to write a prescription for hyperbarics and is sending us to yet another doctor. Damn.


Jenn said...

Bless those souls! : )

I'm wondering, why isn't Dr. Doom's script acceptable? Perplexed in Illinois.

Diane said...

Jenn, I am perplexed too. The doctor said that Dr. Doom didn't run the "proper" tests for his diagnoses.... although I don't know what was not "proper" about them. (A full body PET scan was run, no less.) She wants me to take him to an oral surgeon but I can't find one in town that takes his medicare insurance. Bob's pain mgt. doctor upped his script for Neurotin and I think it's working--Bob feeling a bit better, less mouth pain. Right now, I'm in a wait-and-see mode.