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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bioness Machine, Take 2

We went back to Rehab and had another go with a Bioness machine. After my initial freaking out, I had been wondering if it was a problem with the machine and not necessarily with Bob's nerves and I guess the OT had the same idea. She brought out a different Bioness (it turns out they have two of these) and decided to try that one on Bob. This machine also had a different setting. The first machine was set to a pulse-stop-pulse-stop sort of stimulation and the second machine was set for three pulses, i.e. pulse-pulse-pulse-stop-pulse-pulse-pulse.

So, once again, he was hooked up and this time, when she turned it on, wa la!, his fingers did indeed flex! In fact, they flexed so hard that Bob cried out in pain, so she had to turn the machine down. But, that too is good, since it has seemed that Bob has had no sensation at all in that hand and, well, pain is a sensation, after all.

You can imagine how relieved I am.

Unfortunately, shortly after she started the Bioness machine, it ran out of battery charge but she has promised to recharge it this weekend so we can have a go of it again, next week.

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Nikki said...

Yay! That's really cool! Good luck with the machine!