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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th Woes

Blogger (the host site for my blog) had some major problems today. All blogs were down this the morning and some posts disappeared (including my last one! aargh). They are up and running now, but my lost post hasn't reappeared even though they promised to "restore" any lost posts.  Other than that, it's been a crappy day. Chris, my neighbor, was going to sit with Bob so I could run some errands this morning, but she overslept, and after I finally woke her up, after two promises to be right over, she got sick. A whole morning's plan wasted. So, everything got behind schedule and when I finally got Bob up, bathed and in the wheelchair it was already 1:30.  I was behind on tube feedings, meds, everything. Then, he wanted to go immediately back to bed (had to pee) (yes, we are still dealing with this), so back in bed he went, then he spent the entire afternoon trying to urinate. The urologist gave him a new medication, but the stuff takes two weeks or more to "kick in", and he's only been on it a week now. At 2:00, I attempted to do another tube feeding but when I was checking for residuals (you have to put the syringe in the tube and pull back to see if the last feeding has been digested) the syringe popped out and sprayed Bob and the bed and me with half-digested Jevity and stomach acid. This just after I had bathed him, changed the sheets, etc. aaaargh.  Finally, he peed at 4:00, but then he was cranky and not wanting to do any therapy.

So, all in all, not a good day. I am typing this fast, just wanting to put a post up to see if it's working!! Also, to let you know there were problems on this site today. Hopefully, my last post will reappear. It was about perseverance, apraxia and aphasia....... If it does, it should be below this one.

Tomorrow's another day.....

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Yes! Your previous post has appeared!!! : )

As for Friday the 13th, I guess the good ole universe was saying - just be today. Even though you needed to do other things. Wacky universe!

I've found using a word doc, saving, then copy/pasting onto blog site helps in case of missing posts or site issues.