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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rehab Approved For Another Month

Yes! We got the good news yesterday and a new schedule for rehab going through June 3rd (another eval. due then). All three therapists were on-board and all three said they were seeing progress. phew! I was worried, especially about OT.

The Physical Therapists actually think they can get Bob out of the parallel bars and walking around the room in a couple of weeks! Wow. Although, I was warned "it won't be a pretty sight." Believe me, it will be a pretty sight, for me, at least. (I'll have to get my camera ready!) They are going to try either a specialized walker or a shopping cart. Yes, you read that right. A shopping cart. And when I first heard this, I thought it was a joke, but evidently they do have a shopping cart at Rehab and the idea here is that if the patient has balance problems like Bob does and the patient leans too far forward with a walker, the walker can run away from them, so they use a shopping cart loaded down with weights to keep it steady. And he may have to wear a leg brace--still having problems with that right knee buckling, and I know Bob doesn't like that idea.... One of the Physical Therapists told me that "quite frankly" they were ready to give up on Bob and discharge him a few weeks back (after that wilted flower imitation at the standing machine), that they thought he'd never come around and then he asked me what happened? What did I say to Bob to get him motivated? Ha ha! (See earlier posts, "Rehab Says Shape Up or Ship Out" and "Up & Down, Up & Down again")

Unfortunately, the Occupational Therapist is giving up on the E-stim for his right arm. Not seeing any improvement there, and she's going to concentrate now on "life skills" meaning, learning to live one-armed. yikes. Seems a bit of a cop out, but I asked her to work on his reading/writing skills, because he really needs help in that area and she said she would. Also, I think she'll continue the mirror therapy. And I'll just have to do more right arm therapy here at home with him.

Speech/Swallow Therapy told me to start giving Bob "treats" to eat at home for swallow practice. So, I guess I'll be the one pushing a shopping cart--looking for something he likes, but mushy enough for him to get down. She wants to hold off on another Swallow Video for a few weeks. She does think he might be ready for one, but wants to play it safe and is waiting to see more improvement. Right now, he certainly isn't ready to "eat a meal".

So! Good news pretty much on all fronts. We are off to see the urologist today and hopefully he'll have some good news too.

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Nikki said...

I hope everything goes right for you!