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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Urodynamic Test Explains A Lot

Yesterday, I took Bob back to the Urologist for a "urodynamic" test. This was not a pleasant ordeal. The examination table for this test looks like a cross between a dental chair and a toilet, on a hydraulic lift. They had to lift Bob onto this contraption because there was no way to slide him onto it with a slide board. Then, they ran a catheter into his bladder and a second one into his rectum and attached several electrodes and everything was hooked to a strange machine which made a terrible squeaking noise. After he was hooked up, they poured water into his bladder and the computer monitored his bladder function. Poor Bob. The test was done by a technician, not the doctor, but she did share some of the results. Seems that he cannot completely empty his bladder, that he is always retaining about 100 cc of fluid (this is about 4 oz) and that is what is causing his constant "urge" to go. Also, his pelvic floor is contracting instead of relaxing as it should. She also found pus, meaning he still has an infection. She was unsure whether these problems were caused from the stroke or the infection. We see the doctor on Thursday. Hopefully, there is something he can do to give Bob some relief (and me, too.)

After that, we hustled home so that I could give Bob a tube feeding and some medicines, then went to Rehab where Bob took some big steps on the bars and even asked to go on "the bicycle"--meaning the Nu Step machine. The phrase "the bicycle" is a big improvement from what he used to call the Nu Step which was "carrots".... I was pleased that Bob did so well at Rehab especially after the ordeal at the Urologist. I had tried to reschedule the rehab appointment because I thought it would be too much for him in one day, but they had no other openings. I tell you, my guy is a trooper.


Nikki said...

Ugh, I hope they can figure out a way to cure the infection and hopefully figure out a way for him to empty his bladder more!

Jenn said...

Wondering if after the infection clears up, the "urge" and retention will, too? What a ga-ross procedure! Yup, Bob certainly is a trooper.

Go! Bob! Go! Excellent news about your afternoon at Rehab! YOU ARE AWESOME!

Diane.....SO ARE YOU! : )