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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Work In Process

Week 1
Bob has been busy drawing and I have been drowning in paperwork! The new attorney has me filling out pages and pages of documentation and now I'm on a paperchase to get some pre-stroke medical records.

Which is why this blog has been very quiet...

But I figured I need to post something here, so folks won't think I've died... So! Here it is.

Someone once asked me about Bob's drawing process, i.e. how does he do it? how long does it take?

So I have been scanning in his new drawing, yet untitled, to show his artistic process. These scans taken every Sunday...

Week 2

Week 3
What is strange to me, is that pre-stroke, Bob was a "big picture" guy. He always started with a basic outline/sketch of the whole drawing, then added little details.  Now he starts with the little details.

Week 4

And the thing just grows and grows. And yes, it takes him forever...

Of course, he is drawing with his left (non-dominant) hand, and that slows him down considerably.

Week 5
(click to enlarge)
Amazing, the changes in the way his brain works since the stroke.

And I do wonder what he is thinking while he is painstakingly drawing...

I mean, does he have a concept? a "big picture"? or is he just "doodling"? And of course, with his aphasia, he can't really tell me...

I have asked him for a title for this new drawing, but he just said, "It's weird."

So I asked him, "What is it?"

He said, "A face."

All righty... can't say I'm really seeing that. Yet.


J.L. Murphey said...

Diane, that's one thing I miss since my stroke is the ability to draw. Since I author and illustrate childrens books it's a difficult adjustment. In seeing his drawings I believe there might still be hope that I can do it again one day. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

We may not understand what he draws, but just him doing so is fantastic in itself. I assume he continues to draw because he enjoys doing so, even as he struggles and that is what is important. I sincerely hope he continues to draw.
The paperwork has to be a major stress point for you, even with all you do for Bob. I hope you can get a break in for yourself on occasion. Soft music, glass of wine, hot bubble bath. Take care. Hugs, Dan