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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Finally, Surgery

X-ray of Bob's foot after first surgery.
And yes, that screw is permanent.
And why does this look like the Dark Ages?
Believe me, when I first saw this, I just couldn't believe it...
OK, maybe it's just me --- but a big ol' screw? yikes
Yesterday, Bob had his second foot surgery and what a relief to have this over with and done. And yes, yesterday was Friday the 13th. Perhaps not the most auspicious day for surgery, but it was the first opening they had available and I snatched it up.

The surgery center was deadly quiet that day... I wonder why? ha! The doctor was the same as the last surgery but we had a different, nicer anesthesiologist who didn't scare me half to death like the last one.

I hate to say, the nurse was another story. When she found out that Bob had to be lifted from the wheelchair to the bed, she blew a head gasket. Told me that we shouldn't even be there and if we ever, ever come back again, I will have to bring Bob there on an ambulance so that paramedics could transfer him from an ambulance stretcher to the bed. Because it's too much work for them to lift him from the wheelchair into bed!

Jeepers. And to think we live right across the street from the place... Like I'm going to pay 200 bucks a pop for an ambulance to drive him across the street, so a total of $400 plus their $250 co-pay, plus whatever they will bill over that--- because it's too much work for them to lift him, and, by the way, they just don't have the right darn equipment....

Then, Bob became very distraught when he found out that the surgeon was only going to straighten his two little toes and not chop them off, as he wanted...

He was inconsolable about that both pre and post-op. And complaining constantly. And glaring at me.

The doctor refused to order any more pain medication, telling me that Bob was on "enough" pain medication all ready. Which also didn't sit well with Bob. Or me, for that matter.

Then, I had to push him home in the pouring rain...

But all in all, the surgery went well. And it's over. And I am glad and exhausted....


Theresa Loder said...

Hi Diane
Thank you for your kind words..much appreciated

So glad this surgery is over for you and Bob..prayers that he heals well and is not in so much pain..

Can't believe the no compassion nurse...and then having to push him home in the rain after surgery
I am so glad you are writing all this down...

I was told yesterday that there is no transportation for Rick to doctors without paying a huge fee..
His cardiologist asked him why he had not been in..he said I was in twice but there were no large wheel chairs in the lobby to get back to his said he did not know that...he thought Rick was coming by wheelchair ambulance...Rick said no my wife brings me..and his wheel chair at home is heavy heavy for a 400 lb person
I can't lift it...
Prayers and positive thought coming your way this morning

Anonymous said...

So good to hear that the surgery is finally over with and overall it went well, (with the exception of the snooty nurse). I do hope and pray this will take care of the severe pain that Bob has been experiencing.

Take care of yourself too Diane.

Hugs and prayers, Dan

Joyce said...

Glad for you and Rob that it is over too. I don't know how you deal with the lack of compassion and rudeness that the nurse exhibited. Her reaction was so very uncalled for and unacceptable.

Rebecca Dutton said...

Bob's last two toes look a lot better. I hope he is feeling better. I hope you got some sleep.