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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Goodbye Green Machine!

Last night, Bubba picked up The Green Machine and took her away for a 9 month spa treatment which Bubba fittingly calls her "Re-birth".

And I guess it's also fitting that a "re-birth" would take about 9 months! The reason it will take so long is that many parts (like bumpers) will have to be sent out for rechroming and other parts will have to be special ordered and/or customized and, alas, Bubba has other cars to work on, as well....

Can you believe I was driving it like this??
Work will include a new front seat. I've asked Bubba to put in a "split seat" or "bucket seat" and that way, Bob can sit comfortably in the passenger seat.

The old bench seat is far to uncomfortable for 6'3" Bob when 5'4" Diane is driving and has to pull the seat nearly up to the dash, which means Bob's knees are against the glove box.

My idea here is to give Bob some motivation to learn to get out of that wheelchair, stand and pivot into a newly restored, much loved and very cool Green Machine!
There will also be  a lot of body repair....

And fixing the cracked dash....
etc. etc.

and re-woodgraining the console

Even restoring the Swinger Logo with its original yellow flower

I was dismayed when Bubba told me that Bob's "Re-Elect Carter/Mondale" bumper sticker might not survive the restoration --- but then, I immediately found the exact same vintage bumper sticker being  auctioned at ebay and won it for ten bucks! I call that FATE!

I must say, I was glad to see the car leave as it was depressing watching it rust away at the curb....


Mike Furr said...

Just an FYI, theres a company in Coon Valley WI that has buildings full of parts for cars just like the green machine. I can find the name again if Bubba is interested.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the Green Machine definitely needs a bit of a make over. It'll be great to see the end result. Is the engine getting overhauled too? Do you get to see the progress from time to time over the 9 months? I do hope Bob will be able to easily transfer from wheel chair to car when it is returned.
Hugs & prayers, Dan

Diane said...

Bubba will email me pics of work in process! Also I have "visitation rights" LOL some things being done under the hood, like rewiring and exhaust system

Mostly, though, it's body work she needs!