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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wheelchair Race!

Oh my, I've been so busy and so much you-know-what going on, with the contractor winding down on the renovations and all sorts of glitches with that, plus the usual junk, plus other junk, including a sick kitty, and still trying to unpack and set this house right  --  I haven't had time to blog.

But here's a quickie.  Chris finally moved into the apartment in back this week -- (lots of glitches there too --) Then Chris challenged Bob to a wheelchair race!  Here's some pics:

And they're off! Down our alley --- 

Chris takes the lead ---

Bob had to stop and change his speed mode as Chris left him in the dust --- she actually turned around, so he could catch up....  

Whoo hooo! Bob takes the lead!

And I have to say, Chris was more freaking out about Bob's driving abilities than I usually am -- shouting to Bob to "watch the curb!"  or "watch the dip!" or  "WATCH THAT TREE!!!" ...  Yikes -- She made me a nervous wreck....

But we reach our destination, an estate sale six blocks away.  OK - I am, following behind on foot, trying to keep up, sweaty, nervous and exhausted! Phew!

 Bob and I bought an old oak rocking chair at that sale, for $8, (needs a seat), and I carried it home. We must've looked pretty strange, on the way back, two disabled folks on power wheelchairs and one able bodied woman, running behind them, carrying a fixer-upper rocking chair! Oh my, what do the neighbors think?  


SSTattler said...

At least you (Bob and Diane) are back in your new house! Keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

Sounded like a great day. :)

Hugs & prayers, Dan

Jenn said...

Lololol - how wonderful Chris is getting set up in her "apartment" and everyone got out and about! Love it a million times over!!! And no, you all don't look strange because it's FLA! lololol Diggin' the independence! How's the kitty???

Barb Polan said...

What fun! Way to counteract some of the hassles.

Theresa Loder said...

Hi Diane
You are a great woman and have done a wonderful thing taking care of Bob.. So much improvement .. I missed some of your posts.. Rick is in Re Hab after being in the hospital .. Do you have an apartment attached to your house?
Looks like a great area ..
Tell Bob hi from us..
Rick should be back home around the 24 th of this month

Love and big hugs