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Monday, December 14, 2015

Bob's 1981 Drawing Is Restored, Matted & Framed!

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And this is my Christmas gift from me to Bob and this is also the Christmas gift from Bob to me....  Thank you, Sweetheart.


Anonymous said...


DebbieL said...

Wonderful! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I don't have an eye for art or the mind for how it's supposed to be interpreted. All I know is I like it; I like it a LOT! Especially now that it is framed. Can you tell me is there any significance behind the piece or the subjects in it?

Mike Furr said...

I like the piece! They did a great job getting it flat and matted and I love the hammered frame. He'd be proud.

Diane said...

Hi -- I wish I could tell you if there was any "significance" behind this drawing but I did not know Bob in 1981 -- and only found this drawing recently. He has written the word "Zeus" in the corner, so I'm thinking that's the title -- but what does it mean? I guess it's up to anyone's interpretation!

Anonymous said...

wow, that is cool. so precious. Trudy from Texas :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane.
That is Beautiful!!!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! Love You Ed & Neta

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane!
This is Aunt Betty I really love the picture you had framed with the hammered looking frame,
It all goes together very well, Nicely done!!!❤️To bad about your van, did you get it fixed yet??
How are things going now?? Hope better!!! It has been pretty cold here lately! What has your weather been like??
Take care Diane, Chat with you another time! Love You!❤️❤️❤️