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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's It Like to Have Aphasia?

I have been trying to teach Bob to read, with great difficulty (I might add) and not much luck. I was looking for some reading tips for aphasics on the internet and found this interesting aphasia simulation at which shows you what it is like to have aphasia. Do click on the above link and check it out. It's enlightening.

Still haven't found any tips on teaching Bob to read and certainly wish the therapists would work harder on this with him, but the therapists seem to think teaching Bob to put on a t-shirt, one-handed, is more important than teaching him to read. They will spend 30 minutes or more with the t-shirt business. Personally, I don't give a hoot about his ability to put on a t-shirt and desperately want him to be able to read again. I guess that's the writer in me talking....

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Paid Critique said...

If i get this correct. "Aphasia disorders usually develop quickly as a result of head injury or stroke, but can develop slowly from a brain tumor, infection, or dementia, or can be a learning disability such as dysnomia."

if no scientific methods can cure this why not try something psychological. try having fun with bob while learning. maybe he could slowly remember something with what you teach.