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Saturday, December 29, 2012

I swear, This doctor is trying to kill me

So, I think I have it all set up. I contacted the insurance company and got an approval for a home health care nurse to come to our house weekly to draw Bob's blood. Then yesterday, I get a call from the insurance company telling me that the doctor refuses to sign the necessary paperwork and Bob's home draws are, therefore, cancelled.

I'm thinking, what the f---? So I call the doctor's office and talk to the nurse who tells me this decision was made by The Big Guy, I mean, The Big Kahuna, the doctor who owns the clinic, the Big Cheese. It's this pompous ass, excuse my French, who declined to sign the order.

The reason for this is, The Big Cheese says, that Bob is "too mobile" and, um, "too healthy", and (get this) "able enough" to get himself to the clinic to have his blood drawn every week. And therefore, Bob isn't "allowed" to have home health care.

I am sorry, but I about went through the roof! Because who does this hifalutin, pretentious jerk-off of a doctor think he is? God? And just how the hell does he think Bob is "able enough" to get to a lab? Weekly, mind you. And doesn't he realize that the only way Bob gets anywhere is if I push him there in his wheelchair? And is this arrogant, egotistcal, self-important bunghole of a doctor going to come to my house in his red freaking Ferrari and pick up Bob and take him to the clinic for me? (And yes, I am using my thesaurus today.) And, mind you, the clinic this overblown dickhead of a doctor wants Bob to go to is his clinic, so he can line his already overfilled pockets with more cash.

And jeepers, everyday I get out of bed with an aching back and sore legs and I am tired. I tell you, I am bone weary and near exhaustion with what I already do and this pinhead of a doctor wants to add pushing Bob to a clinic for a weekly blood draw to my already overwhelming list of chores?

Bob's regular doctor is on vacation until next week. I tell you, I will have to get on the phone and get a hold of that guy and if he insists on backing up The Big Cheese, there will be carnage. Mark my words.

Because, I tell you, this little girl is pissed! What a way to start off the New Year.

(PS: Phew! That felt really good! Just to get that off my chest.)


Anonymous said...

Whew....glad you got that off your chest cause' I'd hate to be Bob if you hadn' Seriously though, I agree with every word you said about that doctor and his reasoning. Inexcusable in my book too. I don't know how easy it is to change clinics/doctors but I think I would be looking. There is no good reason to have that extra work piled on you when sources are available to come to your home for the blood draw. Keep fighting, though you shouldn't have to.
Hugs, Dan

Anonymous said...

I know is not good to wish bad things to others, but this people need to be in your shoes to comprenhed what are you going through, they have an easy life, they don't care. Stand up tall! I know you always do and I admire you for that.

J.L. Murphey said...

Diane, I went through a similar experience few years ago with my husband's cardiologist. I rightfully put him in his place...basically told him to his face what you wrote. He was humbled by the experience. I've seen too many doctors with a "god" complex.

This same cardiologist now listens when I talk and treats me with the proper respect. I was practicing medicine while he was still in high school.

I don't back down from a fight and neither should you.

Cheri said...

i'd like to know what exactly constitutes "immobile". Apparently this doctor doesn't think there is such a thing. ANYBODY can be dragged out of their bed, put in a wheel chair and hauled to a clinic. So where does this guy draw the line? Go get the mutha fucka, Diane! Chew him a new one!

Rebecca Dutton said...

Wayfarin is the only blood thinner that requires regular blood tests. Exploring alternative medicines may save your sanity. I'm so sorry this is happening.

Susie said...

Good for you. My mom's doctor's happens to be a red jaguar. He to is a jerk. Doctor's no longer seem to care that the patients are customers. What happened to the doctor who got into it because they truly wanted to help someone.