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Friday, December 5, 2014

Answering Machines & Aphasia...

It was bound to happen, our old cordless telephone bit the dust, bought the big one, just up and died...

And the sad thing about that is -- on the old answering machine was Bob's "greeting" recorded over 7 years ago which was, back in the day, when he could actually speak normally...

This past week, I took Bob to Best Buy to look for a new phone. And while I stood there in front of the tons of different phones trying to figure out which would be the best phone, Bob, in his wheelchair, pointed to the top row and said, "That one!"

So I bought it. Took it home. Set it up. And then had a brilliant idea. (Think lightbulb over my head!)

I would have Bob record the new greeting!

Now I realized we would probably have to rehearse and do some trial runs, but, heck, after six months of speech therapy and everyone is remarking on how much better he is speaking, I am thinking this should be a cinch!

If, that is, I keep it simple enough.

Such as: "Hello! Leave a message."

Which I had Bob rehearse a few times with some success, and then, got out the phone and hit "record", at which point Bob said into the receiver:

Hello?...... Hello?...... Hellllooooo?..... Hell-lou?

Oh-kay. I tried this a couple of times and got the same results. So then, I figured, maybe it would work better if we recorded a joint message, you know, with both of us talking but me saying most of the stuff.

So I wrote up a little script and it went like this:

Me:  Hi! You've reached Diane and ---

Bob: Bob

Me: Leave a message!

Bob: Bye!

Seemed simple enough as Bob would only have to remember two words. But after several, well actually many, futile attempts, with Bob forgetting his lines, the last "greeting" I actually recorded sounds like this:

Me: Hi! You've reached Diane and --

Bob: BOB!!!!

Me: Please leave a message!

Bob: DIANE!!!

Me: (trying not to laugh, so sort of snort-laughing through my nose)  No, say "Bye"!

Bob: ..... (no response)

Me: (now laughing very hard still waiting for a response)

Bob: ..... (no response)

Me:  (Still laughing) Hellooo?

Bob: .... (laughter)

Me: Bye bye

Bob: BYE BYE!!!!

And that's what's on the answering this morning. I played it back to Bob and he said, "FUNNY!"

Perhaps, I'll keep it....


Anonymous said...

Family & friends will love it as is....bill collectors/others may get a bit confused. :) So sorry you lost the original message from Bob.

Take care. Hugs & prayers, Dan

Barb Polan said...

KEEEEP IT! It's beautiful. I got a kick out of "hello" being so automatic when we answer a phone, that that's what Bob said when you handed the phone to him.

Jenn said...

Hahahaha. Yes please! Leave it...that is until you get your next schtick ready! lololz

Anonymous said...

Love it. Keep it. Anyone that knows you knows the situation anyway and would get a chuckle out of the message. Those that don't.....F them.

Anon from LaX.

Rebecca Dutton said...

I'm a big fan of rehearsal. You can always make a new recording if you or Bob decide not to leave the current one. Way to go Bob and Diane!

J.L. Murphey said...

Definitely keep it!

Theresa Loder said...

I would keep it Diane, and it sounds like you and Bob are having some fun.. Bless you both.. You have been through so much..
Hugs and have a Merry Christmas
Take care
Rick and Theresa

Don Wood said...

Sounds like you had fun I hope you keep it, I remember loosing a recored message many phones ago, why do these phones pack up so early you would think something that just sits there most of its life would last for ever. XX Happy Christmas to you all. Don