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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Privileges Revoked

Yesterday, I called Outpatient Rehab to find out if the paperwork had been cleared for Bob to continue therapy and was told that his "privileges were revoked" by the financial aid office.

This is not because of anything Bob or I have done. This is because the hospital is fighting with United Health Care over unpaid claims and thus, all United Health Care enrollees are having their "privilege" to financial aid revoked.

Today, an appeal is going to the Chief Financial Officer in charge of the financial aid program to see if he/she will grant an exception for Bob.

All I can say is good grief. And I can't believe it. And here is just one more reason this country needs a universal health care system.


Jenn said...

Well that's a fine how do you do! Booooo.
I hope to Gawd that an exception for Bob will be made!!!

Rebecca Dutton said...

I hope the hospital comes through for you.

SSTattler said...

My wife BATTLED with an various agencies for me for years. Mostly she got it but sometimes they denied and there nothing she can do -- bureaucracy!

J.L. Murphey said...

Even a universal health care system is not without problems. I myself have BATTLED various agencies over the years. Even when it is out of your hands, keep fighting.

Worse comes to worse call your Congressman. I did that when they threatened to deport my husband. My husband is Canadian by birth to US citizens, and lived in the US all of his life. He was drafted into the US navy during Vietnam, but not a US citizen?

I called my Congressman after the INS called me at work. The phone conversation went like this...I will say this Congressman is a personal friend also.

"Hey Jack, when is the INS allowed to deport a Canadian born US citizen that had been drafted to fight in the US armed forces?"
His first response was a shocked,"What!"

The matter was settled within a week.